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Gian Luca's guests

Gathered round the table: the Italian way of life

“Culinary Studio” owner Gian Luca Demarco decided to spend a hot summer afternoon with his family – wife Egle, children Magda and Benas, and friends – Akvilė and Gytis. It’s no wonder – spending time with loved ones gathered at the table is an old Italian tradition and a way of life!


CigarsProsciutto cigars

Prosciutto, Italian ham
Philadelphia cheese
– Ruccola

Eggplant parmigiana

– Grilled eggplant with a splash of olive oil
Eggplant– Tomato puree
Parmigiano-reggiano cheese
Mozzarela cheese
– Basil leaves

What I learned

Akvilė (wine expert): I met Luca at work. To be honest at first I found his openness very offensive, but after a while I realized that this way of communication facilitates an understanding of the other person’s expectations. Now we are not only colleagues, but good neighbours as well. In the past, I associated the word “Italian” with wealthy businessmen and young guys looking for short-term meetings.

I am glad that Luca has disproved this stereotype. He is an extremely honest and caring man! There are rumours at work that Luca knows everything. It’s turned out to be true – Luca was the person who helped me when I needed to find a new apartment for myself. Now I enjoy not only my housing, but also a great neighbourhood! !

Gytis (photographer): I met Luca at work. I had to take pictures of events he hosted. I noticed that Luca is very charismatic and energetic. He quickly attracts everyone’s attention and is able to spend hours making jokes. It’s nice that Luca speaks perfect Lithuanian.

Also, I know that the Lithuanian Biathlon Federation awarded him for promoting patriotism in Lithuania! I think Luca is more patriotic than many Lithuanians: he encourages young people not to leave, not to look for the easier solution by changing countries. He urges them to be proud of Lithuania’s achievements in various fields, for example, our fast internet, IT professionals, athletes, and so on.