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Lithuanians taught Frenchman Nicolas how to cook Shashlikai, rather not Lithuanian dish


Nicolas Suisse, who was lured from France to Lithuania by love, was pleased to find friendly people and much less stress at work, that is often felt in Paris. But the most exciting thing that he was taught by Lithuanians is how to cook a rather not Lithuanian meal – Shashlikai.

How did you come to Lithuania?

I came by car.

One good and one not so good observation about Lithuania.

Lithuanian are very friendly. Lithuanian winter is very cold…

What are the main differences between Lithuanians and the other countries you’ve worked in?

The working relationships between people sound simpler. The overall atmosphere while working is better than in Paris where it is more stressful.

What have you learned from Lithuanians?

I have learned how to cook Shashlikai :)

What is your favorite place in Lithuania?

Vilnius. This is a capital which is a small city at the same time is something very nice. Everything is close there.

What is the funniest (or strangest) thing that happened to you in Lithuania?

I looked for a job only once, I sent one CV to a single company and got the same job than the one I had in France…

What does “kitchen” mean to you?

It is either the place where you cook at home or a restaurant in the center of Vilnius.