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What does it mean to be hospitable? Does it cost much time or effort? It doesn’t. It only takes an offer to help, to answer questions and show the way. To welcome someone who needs a friend into your home. It’s something each of us can do. Would you invite your Spanish neighbour or Turkish brother-in-law over for lunch? Could you cook a new dish together? Let’s break bread together and learn about the foreigners in our neighbourhood.

Any friendly Lithuanian can start his or her own Ethnic Kitchen. Invite a foreigner over for lunch and share the experience with us. It can be someone you’ve been meaning to get to know, a neighbour, a fellow parent at school, or a new relative. Tell us about your get-together: share the recipe for the main dish, a quick snapshot, and at least one thing you learned about your new friend and his or her country and traditions. Does hearing a foreigner’s perspective help you see Lithuania through a different lens?

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